Digital Marketing Analyst (Adobe Analytics)_



Areas of Responsibility

  • Create tracking and KPI concepts for digital touchpoints (web, app, mail, …)
  • Define events plans for Adobe Analytics
  • Identify and report performance insights and optimization potentials
  • Initial set-up and customization of Adobe Analytics for new customers, based on provided customer requirements

Tech Stack

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Further analytics solutions (optional)


  • Set-up and customize Adobe Analytics for new customers
  • Create holistic event tracking, KPI, and tracking concepts for website and marketing automation use cases
  • Identify performance issues and provide recommendations for action
  • Answer team questions regarding customer audience and  behavior with quantitative data insights
  • Build custom reports in Adobe Analytics

Relevant Experience

  • Adobe Analytics Certification  (optional)
  • Three years of experience as an Analyst 


Please send your CV and cover letter to and put a note on which position you are applying to.